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Tigera offers solutions to suit every organization’s needs for secure application connectivity in cloud native and legacy environments.

FeatureEssentialsCNX AdvancedCNX Enterprise
Zero Trust Network Security
Certificate-based authentication & authorization
Flexible, label-based application policy model
Hierarchical network (L3-4) policy model
Hierarchical unified application (L3-7) policy model
Multi-layer encryption (mTLS and host-based IPsec)
Multi-Cloud and Legacy Platforms
Multi-Orchestrator support
Container, VM and non-virtualized workload support
Multi-cloud support
Enterprise Control and Compliance
Hierarchical, multi-tier, RBAC-controlled security policies
Policy alerting and verification
Operational Simplicity
Non-overlay, flat IP networking
Linux kernel data plane for forwarding and filtering
CNX Manager GUI, REST API & diagnostics for L3-4 policies
CNX Manager GUI, REST API & diagnostics for L3-7 policies
Community support channels
Standard SLA - business hours
Premium SLA - 24x7 business-critical